United Way of Central Florida Hosts Inaugural Talent Show with Troy C. Smith at the Helm

talent show United way of central florida

In an exciting new venture, Troy C. Smith, a dedicated member of the United Way of Central Florida, is taking the lead in producing and hosting the organization’s first-ever talent show. This pioneering event promises not just to showcase local talent but also to bring the community together in support of a noble cause.

Troy, known for his previous role at Geico where he harnessed his skills in speaking, presentation, and event production, is leveraging his expertise to make this talent show a memorable event. His journey from a corporate environment to the philanthropic stage with the United Way signifies a shift towards using his talents for community building and support.

A Show of Hope and Unity

The talent show, set to take place on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at Florida Southern College’s Branscomb Auditorium, is more than just a display of local artistic abilities. It stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to inspire the community through music and performances. With doors opening at 5 pm, attendees can expect an evening filled with entertainment, from 11 artists showcasing their diverse talents to community leaders participating in a lip-sync battle, among other interactive segments like music trivia.

Troy’s motivation for this event is clear: to use the platform of the United Way of Central Florida to spotlight the power of hope and the strength of community bonds. By incorporating elements of fun and engagement, such as interaction with the audience and music trivia, Troy is set on creating an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates not just talent, but the collective spirit of Central Florida.

Fundraising for a Cause 

All proceeds from the event will directly support the United Way of Central Florida’s 2023-2024 campaign, focusing on the overarching wellbeing of underprivileged members of the community. The United Way serves as a vital bridge, connecting different agencies that concentrate on education, health, and overall welfare. This talent show, therefore, is not just an entertainment event but a crucial fundraising initiative aimed at bolstering the United Way’s efforts to make a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Get Involved

For those looking to be part of this groundbreaking event, tickets are available for purchase online at UWCF.ORG/TALENT . This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a night of entertainment while supporting the vital work of the United Way of Central Florida. By attending, you are contributing to a cause that aims to unite the community and provide essential support to those in need.

With Keynote Speaker Troy C. Smith at the forefront, the talent show is poised to be a highlight of the year for Central Florida, embodying the message of hope and the power of community action. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this inaugural event, where talent meets purpose, all in support of a brighter future for Central Florida.