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I understand the relentless pressures you face as a leader, event planner, HR professional, or corporate executive. The struggle with engagement, productivity, morale, and turnover can feel overwhelming.

But there’s hope. I offer more than just solutions; I provide HOPE: Helping Other People Excel.

Let’s connect and embark on this journey together. This doesn’t have to be a painful season—discover the relief that comes with HOPE. Remember, hold on, pain ends.

My Aim is to

provide the optimism and facilitate enlightenment to top-level executives, corporate leaders, and event coordinators and planners through my keynote speeches. The current climate has placed a significant emphasis on leadership development, which I address utilizing the Teach, Model, and Coach (TMC) methodology. This approach effectively addresses the challenges presented by the “great resignation” phenomenon and offers practical solutions to improve employee retention, enhance appreciation for personnel, foster team collaboration, and ultimately boost productivity levels.

Empowering Minds , Inspiring Change

Experience the benefits of increased retention, value-added synergy, and enhanced productivity with me. So take the first step towards a brighter future, and let’s connect to explore how TMC leadership development can transform your organization today!

Inspirational / Keynote Speaker

I’m a passionate energetic speaker, I’m dedicated to inspiring and motivating audiences through speeches that connect and make a lasting impact. I blend entertainment with practicality, offering actionable advice for personal and professional enhancement across various topics like leadership, sales, team building, and personal growth. My “Teach, Model, and Coach” approach has successfully guided many towards achieving their aspirations and unlocking their full potential. Whether for individual betterment or organizational advancement, my presentations can be customized to catalyze change and drive success for your team.
Delivering engaging and thought-provoking keynote speeches tailored to corporate events and industry conferences.
Sharing powerful personal narratives that inspire and motivate audiences across various settings.
Speaking on driving innovation and leading change, equipping audiences with strategies to navigate and succeed in evolving markets.

Delivering dynamic discussions on fostering teamwork, collaboration, and building high-performing teams within organizations.

Leadership Coach

Our Leadership Coaching program allows leaders to regain work-life balance through the Teach, Model, & Coach (TMC) Methodology. Our aim is to help you create a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing your personal well-being. Using the Teach, Model, & Coach (TMC) approach, You will be provided with the necessary skills and resources to engage your associates, increase associate retention, enhance overall productivity, and create a value-added enviroPronment where individuals feel valued, heard, and appreciated. Leaders will have a new sense of confidence, inspiration, and clarity of how to grow into being a more effective leader.
Tailored for high-level executives and senior managers, focusing on enhancing leadership skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making.
Aimed at individuals who are new to leadership roles or identified as high-potential future leaders, focusing on foundational leadership skills and personal development.
Focused on individuals who lead teams, emphasizing team dynamics, effective communication, conflict resolution, and motivation techniques.
Providing motivational keynotes that encourage personal development, resilience, and strategies for self-improvement.
by Christian Del Rosario

Sales Training

I specialize in elevating sales performance and revenue growth for any business size. By customizing sales strategies to meet client-specific needs, I focus on refining the sales process, fostering customer relationships, and enhancing deal closures. My strategy incorporates proven methods, a comprehensive analysis of sales mechanisms, and a deep understanding of your unique market position, crafting a personalized action plan to achieve your sales targets.
Training sales teams in customer-centric approaches that emphasize problem-solving and relationship-building in the sales process.
Specialized training for sales professionals in the auto insurance industry, focusing on product knowledge, regulatory compliance, and tailored sales tactics.
Developing skills for remote sales environments, including virtual communication, online presentation, and digital engagement strategies.
Equipping call center representatives with effective sales scripts, objection handling techniques, and strategies for upselling and cross-selling over the phone
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Hi,I am
Troy C. Smith

I coin myself a “Student of Life.” Over the last 3 decades I have been developing my skills with hands on leadership, coaching, and training experience in the corporate world of sales. Being born and raised in NYC, I consider that the greatest learning experience due to the cultural and economic diversity, especially within communication. We are all enrolled in Adversity University where the life curriculum is quite challenging at times. It was apparent to me during my grandmother’s funeral, I discovered my passion for motivating and inspiring individuals through public speaking.

Following years of dedicated prayer and personal growth, I achieved my John Maxwell Team certification in 2016. During this transformative period, I received a powerful vision involving the recurring number sequence “2’s” (222), yet I struggled to fully comprehend its significance. Nevertheless, I shared my aspirations with my employer, despite having worked at GEICO for over 18 years. Unsure whether the 2’s represented my 20th or 22nd year of service, or perhaps the year 2020 or 2022, I remained hopeful in my belief that a new chapter in my life was quickly approaching.

Finally, in 2022, I experienced a profound conviction that now was the moment to embark on this journey. The confirmation followed soon after, and I took a leap of faith by resigning after 24+ years from a very successful, highly decorated career at GEICO on 2/22/2023 to pursue my calling. This is only a snippet of my story, and I look forward to sharing my message of hope with the world.


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