Celebrating Community and Mentorship at the 2024 Big Brothers Big Sisters Tampa Bay Bowl for Kids

troy c smith big brothers big sisters

On a sunny day filled with strikes, spares, and smiles, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay held their annual “Bowl for Kids” event, bringing together mentors, mentees, and supporters for a cause that hits close to home for so many. At the heart of this gathering was Troy C. Smith, a motivational speaker, leadership trainer, and dedicated Big Brother, who captured the spirit of the day and shared it with the world in a heartfelt video.

Watch the Full Recap of the Event Here!

A Day of Fun, Fundraising, and Fellowship

The “Bowl for Kids” event, hosted at Orange Bowl Lanes in Lakeland, Florida, wasn’t just about bowling; it was a celebration of the strong bonds and positive impact generated through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Troy C. Smith kicked off the festivities with enthusiasm, emphasizing the beauty of the community coming together to support the younger generation.

Joined by team members Craig Roth, Jerry Octay, Kevin Smith, and Danny Williams, and supported by his wife Jamie G. Smith, Troy highlighted the collective effort that made the day possible. Special thanks went out to Angie Patterson, Rebecca Stacker, and Sarah McCarty from the Big Brothers Big Sisters family, who, along with many others, showed immense support and love.

The Impact Beyond the Lanes

While none of the participants might claim professional bowling skills, the energy and joy were professional-grade. The event served as a vivid reminder of the simple, profound joys of community involvement. Troy passionately spoke about the synergy in the room, filled with positive energy and love, all directed towards nurturing and supporting the youth.

Join the Cause

The “Bowl for Kids” event is more than just an annual gathering; it’s a part of a bigger narrative that seeks to fill the gaps in the lives of many young people. Troy urges everyone to consider joining this initiative, whether by volunteering time or donating resources. As a proud partner of the United Way of Central Florida, Big Brothers Big Sisters continues to make significant strides towards bettering the community.

A Continued Call to Action

As Troy beautifully sums it up, the goal is to provide hope, help open people’s eyes, and help others endure. Keeping a positive expectation and a smile can go a long way in making a difference in someone’s life.

Let’s all heed that call, keep our heads up, and keep hope alive. To get involved, visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters website and find out how you can contribute to this noble cause.

Let us know in the comments how you’re making a difference in your community or share your thoughts on the importance of mentorship programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters!